prairie-vodka-brochureI had seen this product before, as its packaging had appeared in the prestigious Communication Arts Design Annual 2008. So I eagerly stepped up to the sampling table. I’m no vodka connoisseur, but the corn-based beverage seemed adequate to do the job, and set me up well for my day at Epic 2009.
From a marketing perspective, their folksy blue brochure conveyed a lot of solid backup for their organic claim (USDA, Oregon Tilth and Kosher to boot) as well as detailing their biomass energy generation and employee-ownership stake. I just wish more of this genuine prairie goodness had made it on to their website, which is as gratuitous and dysfunctional a flash wank-off as I have seen in a long time. (And I like flash) Visit just to see what not to do with rich media.  But back to the show at hand. Here at Epic, I thought there was more opportunity to have fun with the prairie imagery of this product. It was taking itself a bit seriously, at least for the tone of this show. And I suspect most of the crowd in attendance would use this beverage mixed in a drink rather than as a pure shot.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: Why not invent a Prairie Martini? Perhaps combined with an organic fruit (an organic blueberry stuck through on a wheat stalk?) Give people a reason to purchase this beverage and enjoy it as part of their sustainable lifestyle.

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