BCPIA Rebranding

The BCPIA is an organization undergoing change – with stakeholders beyond the borders of BC, beyond even the traditional borders of ink-on-paper printing. It is an industry reinventing itself in the shadow of a digital juggernaut. Of course, we all now know print is not dead. But where is it going?

To find out, I put together a Brand Centering Session for BCPIA. The group looked at values, personality, promise, regional context, relevance, stakeholders, and key messages. We brainstormed on all of these topics, and then voted to prioritize them, creating tight summaries for each category.

We reviewed the brands of other organizations, both within our industry and without. Looking for best-in-breed examples of solid, clean, exciting branding. Branding that will motivate people.

From all this we outlined key priorities, attributes and messaging, and recapped it all in a Brand Centering™ Summary. Only when we had agreement on this document did we begin the creative process, generating a series of name options (pre-screened for trademark conflicts and URL availability) and a visual exploration including sketches and digital design work.


Rebranding Naming


This set of options was considered, debated, crumpled and re-flattened. But in the final analysis, the name Print Forward emerged as the option that best aligned with the values, objectives and vision for the organization.

Print Forward logo development

The final logo design takes an existing ‘digital page’ icon and rotates it. Positioned diagonally, it now also creates a dynamic arrow, leading forward. The Helsinki font is classic, clean and modern.The blue colour was chosen for its ‘west coast’ inspiration, corporate compatibility and rich tone. It is also a colour where the PMS solid ink version can be very closely reproduced with 4-colour process.

Print Forward Logo

The overall package has familiarity, with a new twist. Much like the industry of print itself.

As with any rebranding, the true work really begins once the package hits the market. If the Print Forward team brings the same work ethic and passion that they shared in the rebranding process, this brand has a bright future indeed.

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