If you are an advertiser who buys billboard media, chances are you may have some vinyl boards in the mix. If that’s the case, you can now get your old billboards repurposed into dashing courier-style bags by Vancouver’s ECO Apparel. This is a great re-use of material, and could become an instant hit with your staff, customers or media contacts. (Imagine sending out your next green press release in a case built from one of your own billboards, or offering them as a gift for key clients)

RBBB001_upload_698There’s a tasty photo essay on how they ‘harvest’ billboards on the ECO Apparel site here – each is individually ‘designed’, with the most unique & colourful billboard sections chosen and cropped by hand.

ECO Apparel also offers closed-loop recycling for corporate wear you purchase from them. If you outfit your sales team with cool fleece, they can return it to ECO to be recycled into new polyester fabric. Nice product responsibility!

All of which makes me wonder: what else could be made from corporate cast-offs? Oak chopsticks from the old boardroom table? Scratchy underwear from the fabric of discarded office cubicle dividers? Land for homeless tent shelters in unused parking stalls? It’s a whole new world! But seriously, if you’re interested in billboard bags or green corporate wear, contact ECO Apparel. They’ve got it going on.


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