I hear this question a lot. Especially while I’m trying to rationalize to the untweeted masses why I spend inordinate amounts of time chirping at the world in 140 character expulsions. While speaking about Social Marketing at a recent conference I used an anecdote from my own experience to offer one answer.

As @GreenBriefs on Twitter, I follow a number of sustainability and green marketing feeds. One of these is Granville Online – a Vancouver-based green lifestyle publication. On April 21st, I was checking my Twitter feed when this post caught my eye:
Because I know and like Granville Magazine, like music and am into recycling, I clicked the link. This led me to the Granville blog article and online video. From there I linked to the ScrapArtsMusic Facebook page where I watched a few more video samples of their work. There I found out they were performing two Vancouver shows, on the 22nd and 23rd. I was so impressed I bought two tickets for the very next night.

From Twitter to blog to Facebook to a $60 sale in less than 20 minutes. All for a group I had never even heard of until that day.

And the show was so good, I wrote my own blog review of it, including a review and critique of their marketing and brand. My GreenBriefs blog article was then re-tweeted and mentioned on Facebook by Granville and ScrapArts. I got two new subscribers to my blog and ScrapArtsMusic even contacted me to ask about my marketing services.
And I swear I didn’t do this just as an example. It wasn’t until afterward that I thought about just how revolutionary a purchase process this was.

So don’t dismiss Twitter as 140 characters of mindless drivel times 100 Million just yet. Get the right followers and the right network and you could be making real sales to new fans.

scrap arts twitter process

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