Social media did its thing last week when London Drugs Tweeted its followers on my Green Deal blog article about their innovative Styrofoam take-back and recycling initiative. (I write the blog for London Drugs’ What’s the Green Deal Program as part of my role as LD Green Marketing Consultant)

The message was re-tweeted more than 40 times, and generated some enthusiastic response among social-media savvy shoppers.

It’s actually a great program – basically, on anything you buy at London Drugs, you can take back the packaging for recycling – including those annoying and hard-to-dispose-of Styrofoam blocks. These are actually recycled, and we produced a cheery little video that shows how that’s done. (Have a look below)

So kudos to the LD team for getting the word out. And remember, if you’re looking at buying something packed in polystyrene, don’t get stuck with the Styrofoam! Shop at London Drugs!

(OK, that last bit was a shameless plug for my client. But hey – I never claimed to be an unbiased media source.)

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