balcony_drierHere are some products ripe for the times. What could be more pure than the smell of fresh clothes drying in the sun? What could offer more righteous and newsworthy PR opportunities than the fight for the right to dry clothes?  Add to that a unique range of products tailored to apartment dwellers as well as homeowners and it should spell success. The booth seemed popular, and products were easily demonstrated, including a simple towel rack that hangs on your balcony rail and an ingenious cable gizmo that spools out line to any required length.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts:
My overall brand impression was good, although perhaps more could be done with both the ‘fresh hanging clothes’ sensation and the ‘right to dry’ at the display level. For instance, I heard the owner was working to develop products and solutions that would work with the concerns of condo strata committees and property councils. Some take-home advocacy support tools could be useful. Also, I noticed wooden clothes pins were used as part of the display… I would love to have taken one of those home, custom branded as a functional Sundog business card, perhaps with a built-in magnet to stick on my fridge.

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