Can brands save the world?

Some say yes, others no. Some say the world doesn’t need saving and we will all be shaken off like a pesky bacterial infection. But while I am here, I’m making it my job to make a difference with my work and my clients. One gravity-defying project at a time.

Global Reporting Initiative LEGO Review

Sustainability has just become one awesome set of LEGO. The idea of measuring, tracking and improving sustainability performance has been around for quite some time. but it is getting a game-changing upgrade that makes it a whole lot easier for more companies to start playing. The Global Reporting Initiative has emerged as the world’s most utilized standard for measuring ...

What’s the Green Deal? I’ve been on the green case for London Drugs since I helped create this brand for their sustainability program in 2008. Hundreds of blogs, videos, stunts, strategies and stunts later, there are still great stories to tell.

Sustainable Brands. Another long-standing part of my green world, this annual conference has given me education, inspiration and collaboration opportunities for almost a decade.

The UniBlog

The UniBlog I have been writing and commenting on ‘green marketing’ since 2007 (when the blog was called Green Briefs). Take a look through the new, and recycle some of the old.

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