If there’s one thing any marketer likes it’s a client who can back up their claim. When I met Kevin Pegg from Energy Alternatives in Victoria last year, I knew he was the real deal. So I was pleased and honoured when he asked Unicycle Creative to build some magazine ads to tell his story.

Energy Alternatives has been designing and installing off-grid power systems since 1984. Yet with the recent focus on green energy comes a whole crop of equally green competitors. Our strategy was to simply tell his story, referencing the green movement yet not depending on it to sell our benefits. We stayed in the realm of reality for images as well. Rather than searching for sleek, shiny stock photography, we chose to use shots from Kevin’s own extensive library of installation images – colour tinted in Photoshop to give them a unique look and represent different periods in EA’s history.

We had one other ace in the hole. Energy Alternatives was chosen to create the power system that ran the Olympic rings lighting up Vancouver’s Coal Harbour for two spectacular weeks in February 2010. Without stepping on VANOC’s toes, we wanted to tell that story as well.

If you’re a green marketer with a history, now may be the perfect time to tell your story. Just be sure to do it in a way that is interesting, genuine and relevant to your customers.

The ads are breaking in local and national publications this month. So I’ll keep you posted on the response.

Energy Alternatives Half Page Ad

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