Single-use coffee pods are one of the major villains on my personal environmental hit list. In his book, Caffeinated, Murray Carpenter estimated that in 2013 alone, 8.3 billion K-Cups were produced – enough to wrap around the equator of the earth 10.5 times. Even as an admitted caffeine addict, I have, twitching and shaking, declined a cup of coffee because it was offered from one of these waste spewing systems. So how do I find myself making an online video featuring such evil products?

Melitta Commits to the PurPod 100 and makes all its London Drugs SKUs 100% Compostable.

This project all started with a call from my client, London Drugs. It seems coffee giant Melitta had thrown its weight behind the PurPod 100 – the World’s First Certified 100% Compostable Coffee Pods. This was no small engineering feat. Further discovery with Melitta offered up another gem – some customers were actually using the pods as seedling starters. That was all we needed to create a quick and compelling video that would wake up convenient coffee addicts and give them a reason to switch.

We designed the London Drugs’ What’s the Green Deal program to offer customers greener choices no matter where they are on their sustainability journey. With increased composting available in many offices and homes, this technology could make a real waste difference for those already committed to the single serving coffee technology.

The spot was shot on a Nikon D500 and finished in Final Cut Express and After Effects.



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