Kris Holm KH24 Unicycle. Awesome!What is the best post-apocalyptic ride to park in your bunker? Wired Magazine sought some answers to this increasingly important question in a recent on-line issue. Turns out at least one reader had enough savvy to nominate the most sustainable ride on the planet to this top-10 list, a selection which seems oddly matched with the likes of the fuel-hungry Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser and the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. To quote Zip Lock, who posted the entry:

“Go ahead and laugh. Unicycles aren’t very fast and you can’t carry much, but they’re cheap, they’re reliable and you won’t have to scavenge fuel. What’s more, with both hands free you’ll have no trouble firing your rocket-propelled grenade.” 

Thanks to Green Briefs reader and World’s-Coolest-Offroad-Unicyclist Kris Holm for the heads up on this sage piece of on-line wisdom. Kris has his own specialty unicycle design and distribution company, and a web site well worth visiting just to see how far one wheel can really go. His KH24 model, shown here, is the actual cycle featured in the article.

Full disclosure: Green Briefs Blog is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unicycle Creative, your post-apocalyptic sustainability creative and strategic resource.

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