If you are reading this online, you have no doubt seen those motion-graphic info-style videos that redefine the boring statistical approach with hip soundtracks, shoot-from the hip voiceovers and hipster animated graphics.

Well I’m pleased to tell you about a local company who is not only producing these top-quality motion graphic vids, but is pioneering a for-profit/non-profit business model that is quite interesting, indeed.

The company is Thought Bubble, and I had a good chat with founders Jonathan Corbiere and Suzanna Brusikeiwicz, (Pronounced Broo-See-Ke-Vich, as we all know) to find out more. The basic idea is that they do commercial motion graphics projects, for eco-friendly & sustainable companies, (as much as possible), then use a portion of the proceeds to fund similar projects for non-profits with important stories to tell. This could be a charity, a community organization or an author.

To get an idea of the power this medium projects, check out their Thought Bubble demo. It not only describes the ‘information graphic’ approach well, it also tells a nice tidy brand story with the Thought Bubble name as metaphor.

As a majority of respondents in my Green Briefs survey indicated that online video was going to be a top trend for them in 2010, this resource could come in pretty handy.

If you like this style and want to find out more, drop me a line or check out the Thought Bubble website directly.

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