A main reason for my recent J.Ottman Consultingvisit to New York was to meet with sustainability marketing pioneer Jacquelyn Ottman, a passionate and much accredited innovator, author, strategist and public speaker who has been helping businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit groups meet consumer needs more sustainably for nearly 20 years. Listening to Jacquie talk about her Getting to Zero™ approach to product development, one can almost hear the gears churning through her wealth of experience. Her firm, J. Ottman Consulting has worked with a who’s who list of clients, and her bookGreen Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation is heading into its third edition. I am pleased to announce that Unicycle and J. Ottman consulting are now available to work together for you right here on the West Coast, or wherever sustainable products and services need to be developed or rejuvenated. Please visit www.greenmarketing.com for more information. Also, when she recommends the bagels at the Starlight Diner, by all means say yes



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