I was recently asked to participate in a fun online panel extolling the virtues of unicycling as an alternative to the car. The forum is part of a regular series put on by YourParkingSpace.co.uk “the UK’s most trusted online parking platform”.

I had 90 words to make my case. By the time I was done I had pretty much trashed the automobile as a “CO2-belching planet-killer”. Despite this vitriol, I was granted the #2 spot on the roster, complete with a self-supplied pic of me one-wheeling through my Vancouver, Canada neighbourhood. If you want the whole rant, you can read the other 64 words here.

This kind of online forum is a fun way for YourParkingSpace to spread the word about their service and create some meaningful content at the same time. Kudos to their team for publishing a variety of opinions, and perhaps by sharing parking stalls they can help save a few kilos of CO2 from people driving in circles looking for a free spot.

They tell me YourParkingSpace isn’t coming to Canada any time soon, but if you are driving in the UK and need a spot , look them up. I’ll be unicycling by, probably on the wrong side of the road.

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